Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spring 2008 Fashions

Spring 2008 Fashions By Fifi Leigh

Trends this Spring include bold florals, patterns and prints, sheers, bold colors, neons, romantic and feminine styles, exposing lots of flesh, navy and white classics, rich jewel-toned colors, and ethnic-inspired patterns.

Men’s style clothing for women is made feminine and flirty with huge jackets over short skirts, shorts and pants for a feminine women’s suit. Rebellious streetwear fashions are made feminine and softer for women by wearing black studded vests and suit-inspired feminine outfits like feminine tuxedos in black and white.

Expose a lot of flesh by wearing bustiers, sheer clothing over a bright and bold outfit underneath, uniform-inspired clothes with sheer accents, and bodice dresses.

The hippie look involves wearing patterned clothing, vests, graphic tees, Hindi, Native American, and Gypsy-inspired styles with feathers, beads, tassels, bold belts, off-the-shoulder dresses. Also, Birkenstock with socks is an accessory to this hippie look.

Neons are popular this Spring in bold dresses with ruffles. Whether wearing a long dress or a short dress, or dressy verses casual, Spring dresses are fun and flirty.

Ethnic styles make a comeback this Spring featuring tribal African-inspired designs.

But every Spring, the nautical navy and white style always returns as a classic Spring look. Navy and white striped blouses with polka dot scarf gives a French accent to this nautical look. An all-white outfit is always fresh and clean for Spring. Trench coats, pleated skirts, spectator shoes, cardigans, sheaths, and military coats are added accessories to this look.

Bold is popular with jewelry, belts and nails. Bejeweled cuffs are piled on the wrists with a simple outfit. The more cuffs, the simpler the outfit worn. Bold necklaces in long and chunky is worn with same color clothing for a monochromatic look. Bold dangling earrings, worn with a sleek chignon or with hair covered by a chic hat are some Spring fashion hair accessories.

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