Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Sand Dollar By Fifi Leigh at www.lulu.com

The Sand Dollar is a spiritual story about making dreams come true, but with a sociological twist to it. Since my BA is in Social Science, I used a lot of Social Science in the novel. It is based on and inspired by real life and real people, but names have been changed to fictionalize it. The novel is written in a journal format, where the main character narrates her journey through the unknown and uncovers disturbing issues in current society. It is written in a light, entertaining and easy to read style, as well as in-your-face raw honesty.
The novel is filled with psychics, mentally ill psychos, surrealistic dreams, adventure, a ghost, travel, and spiritual inspiration.
The story is about fate, faith, destiny, hope, desire, wants, wishes, and dreams, and attaining destiny based on a path, a plan and goals. As the main characters moves along her path, she struggles, overcomes obstacles, and discovers herself in the process.

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